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Here's how tutoring works:

1. Call us up and schedule an appointment
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We provide services in Physics, Economics, Algebras I and II, Calculus, Precalculus, Trig, Statistics, Biology, College Essay, Creative Writing, most AP Tests, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, TACHS, COOP, GRE, GMAT, and SAT Subject Tests

We tutor students from elementary-college, old and young, in any subject you can think of.


Our Mission



Hello! My name is Dorian Rahamim and I'm the founder of this company. When I left the tech world years ago to make a more personal impact, I had the good fortune of working with a world-class tutoring company (possibly the best in the world) in Fairfield Connecticut. With advice from that company's legendary founder and my relationships with hundreds of students, I came to see that tutoring is about creating a unique learning style to help each student best make sense of the material.


Before long, more and more parents began to ask for me by name. Their kids were hardworking and bright but still struggling with large gaps in their fundamental skills. Often their classes were too fast-paced or they just didn't have the confidence to perform on tests. I was all set out to teach them Geometry, but it was really Algebra or Arithmetic or even Deep-Breathing that they needed to learn!


That's why I founded my own Company. When you hire me to tutor your kid, I assess their strengths and weaknesses, and teach them everything they need to know, from the bottom up. If we're studying Precalc but your student is missing Algebra skills, then I'll teach your kid Algebra as well. If they're great at science but have trouble writing coherent free response, then I'll teach them expository writing. If they're great at Math but make silly mistakes because they can't keep their +'s and -'s straight, then I'll make up little tricky little problems and have your kid do them at half speed. Yes that will take more time. Yes, that's why I charge less than my competitors.

PowerKid sells a product that PowerKid is proud of. Although Grades are not our priority, our students improve their grades substantially (Pro Tip of the day: when you focus on the kid instead of the grades, the grades go up much higher). When you choose PowerKid, you know that you're getting a highly experienced world-class educator as well as a mentor and friend. You're going to like the process, I promise :D We look forward to hearing from you!

Look Dorian, it doesn’t matter how much the kid learns or how confident they feel, all that matters is their score. Sorry, that’s how the business is.
— quote from an old boss during my days as a test-prep monkey