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Satisfied Customers

Good Morning! I wanted to share the SAT scores for Max. Math went from a 740 to 790. English went from a 610 to 700. Total score 1490. Dorian, thank you so much for being such an excellent tutor!!! We really appreciate it!! Have a great weekend!


Dorian is an excellent tutor. The best we have ever had. He is knowledgeable and personable and keeps our kids focused and on task.

- Lisa


Dorian is a fantastic tutor who really cares about the student. He focuses ont he weaknesses of the student and constantly tries to improve their skills. Personally, he improved my score by 140 points! I was very satisfied with him being my tutor and I recommend him to anyone.

- Domeniko


Hi Dor! I got a 90 on my test we worked for! Thank you so much! I will contact you for when I need a session!
- Ana


I got a 1380! 710 reading 670 math
- Katerina


Dorian helped me learn so many new skills for the SSAT test. He was super enthusiastic and always willing to help me with my mistakes. Anyone who is struggling with the SSAT should definitely give give Dorian a call!!!

- Samantha


Dorian continually helps me get my ACT and SAT scores much higher than they were before. He really takes the time to explain things I don’t understand before we move on to the next topic. Dorian always gives me extra studying tips and offers to help me with any other additional subjects in school. I enjoy working with him, I’m learning a lot, and I would definitely recommend him to a friend in need of a tutor.
- Ava


Hey man,
Just got the results for my MTEL and I passed!
Thanks so much for all your help with my preparation.
You're the man,
- Pat


I got a 1470
740 reading writing
730 math
- Will


I'll be sure to leave a glowing review when I do get to it!!! Hope to work with you on other academic stuff in the near future!



"Dorian's expertise and knowledge with the GRE helped me to familiarize myself with the test and attain the scores I needed. He did a great job with helping me utilize my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. Thanks to him, I felt confident by the time I had to take the test."
- Anthony